Photo of Street snacks and food in Seoul - Pictures of food to go on the street - Bilder von Imbiss und Fast Food in Südkorea
This photo shows the korean food street snack Bbop-gi. Bild von einem Imbiss auf offener Straße in Seoul und Südkorea
Bbop-gi, sold by a Korean woman. I don't know why, but to me all Korean older women looked same, especially the ones who sell street food... (click to enlarge picture)


Bbop-gi means in Korean "taking out a shape with a metal frame". 

This snack is made of melting sugar and baking soda.


Bbop bedeutet auf koreanisch "mit einem Metallrahmen eine Form ausstechen".

Diese Speise wird aus geschmolzenem Zucker und Soda hergestellt.


Picture of Roasted chestnuts - A photo of a typicall Korean street food snack and imbiss - Bild von gerösteten Nüssen auf der Straße in Seoul
Roasted chestnuts - with an unhappy Korean old woman... In Berlin most street snacks are sold by young turkish man, which are much more happy...Oh I don't know why I'm writing this, who cares about that??? (click to enlarge picture)
Photo about the korean street food snack Hobakyeot. Bilder von koreanisch asiatischem Kürbis Kuchen der als Fast Food auf der Straße verkauft wird
Hobakyeot [ho bang niot] = Pumpkin taffy (click to enlarge picture)
Pictures of Japchae Hodduck. Old korean women bake it directly on the street as street food and snacks. Bilder und Fotos vom Straßenimbiss in den Straßen von Südkorea in Seoul.
Japchae hodduck - Don't ask me why there was a man standing on the right with some toilet paper in his hand ^__^ (click to enlarge picture)


Japchae hodduck  (Japchae is inside of hodduck)
Japchae= mixed dish of boiled bean threads, stir-fried vegetables, and shredded meat 
 Hodduck= Chinese pancake


Japchae hodduck (Hodduck, gefüllt mit Japchae)

Japchae = Gekochte Bohnen, pfannengerührtes Gemüse und gehacktes Fleisch

Hodduck = Chinesischer Pfannkuchen bzw. Teigtasche


Pictures of korean street food snack Hotba, which is a fishcake bar and sausages. Street snacks of Seoul. Bilder von einem asiatischen Gericht Fischkuchen - Die asiatische Küche ist manchmal seltsam!
Hotba (fishcake bar) and sausages (click to enlarge picture)
This photo shows a typical korean street food snack. Picture of a Korean cooking woman. Bilder von einer koreanischen Frau die einen Straßenimbiss betreibt und gerade kocht.
Korean typical street foods. On this photo you can see some fried food stuff, which means that not all Korean street food is healthy. Don't eat fried food! It is full of fat!!! (click to enlarge picture)


Ermook (fishcake)

Dackkochi (chicken barbeque)

Tteobookki (stir-fried rice cake)
Twigim (fried foods)


Ermook (Fischkuchen)

Dackkochi (Gegrillte Hühnerfleischstückchen)

Tteobookki (Gebratener Reiskuchen)
Twigim (Fritierte Speisen)


Picture of the korean street food snack Tteobbokki. The red hot spicy rice cake is not so delicious! Bilder von der koreanischen scharfen Curry Wurst. The German Curry Wurst is much better!
Tteobbokki - my Korean friend told me that this is a really spicy food, but actually it was not so spicy...I was a bit disappointed... The rice cake has a rich and full taste, a few pieces are enough to make you really full! (click to enlarge picture)


Tteobbokki = stir-fried rice cake with hot sauce (red pepper paste) 


Tteobbokki = Gebratener Reiskuchen mit scharfer roter Chilisoße


Picture of the street snack imbiss Tteobbokki. A Korean street food to go, like american or german fast food and food to go. Bilder von koreanischem Fast Food, ähnlich der Berliner Currywurst.
Tteobbokki ready to eat - looks like the German Currywurst in Berlin! Well, the curry wurst tastes better, but is much more unhealthy, only oil and salt. That's why we Germans are fat and Koreans are slender ^__^ (click to enlarge picture)
Photos of the Korean street food snack Mandu. This imbiss is very delicious! Bild von dem koreanischen asiatischen Gericht Mandu - Eine Teigtasche gefüllt mit Fleisch, Gemüse oder Kimchi.
Mandu - Wow, what a great stuff, I got addicted to Mandu, especially to Kimchi Mandu! Back in Berlin I buy this food in Korean supermarkets. The small pockets are filled with meat, vegetables and glass noodles. So good! (click to enlarge picture)


Mandu = Pocketpastry with vegetable or meat fillings


Mandu = Teigtaschen, gefüllt mit Gemüse oder Fleisch


Pictures of the street food snack instant sausages and hotba, a fishcake bar. Imbiss inside the convenience store. Bilder von koreanischen Würsten und Fischkuchen in einem Kiosk.
Instant sausage and hotba (fishcake bar) (click to enlarge picture)
This photo shows the korean street food snack Gimbap, it is dried seaweed rolls. Looks like sushi. Taste is better then sushi. Bilder von koreanischem asiatischen Sushi.
Gimbap - dried seaweed rolls, the Korean way of making sushi. Of course it looks same like Japanese sushi, but the taste is better... Hopefully the Japanese readers won't get angry with me now... (click to enlarge picture)
This photo shows a microwave oven at a convenience store. You use it to heat up Korean imbiss dishes and meals. Fotos von einerm Mikrowellengerät in einem koreanischen Kiosk in Seoul. Typisches Essen.
Microwave oven at convenience store - at almost all convenience stores I found microwave ovens and water heaters to prepare your instant food right at the store. I wished we would have the same System in Germany! (click to enlarge picture)
Picture of korean street food snack instant sausage with cheese or squid taste. It#s a lovely meat artifical meat sausage. Bilder von koreanischen Würsten mit Fischgeschmack in Seoul, Südkorea.
Instant sausage with cheese or sqid taste - I tried the one with cheese taste, and it was terrible artificial taste ^_^ I didn't dare to try the second one...brrrr.... (click to enlarge picture)
Picture about milk drinks at a Seoul convenience store. Bilder von Milch Drinks und Getränken in einem Kiosk oder Imbiss in Seoul.
Picture of a wide variety of convenience store products in Seoul. On the photo some milk products can be seen, but Koreans have also corn tea or wheat tea, without sugar. It's an interesting healthy taste (click to enlarge picture)
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