Pictures of lovely Seoul - Bilder und Informationen aus Südkorea
Seoul G 20 summit november 2010 - Gipfeltreffen der G 20 Statten in Seoul November 2010 - Pictures of lovely Seoul - Bilder und Video aus Seoul
Pictures and tourist informations of South Korea - Fotos, Bilder und Informationen über die Hauptstadt von Südkorea
Pictures of name sign at main station - Bilder des Stadtnamens am Hauptbahnhof
Seoul! (click to enlarge picture)



Willkommen zu Bilder aus Südkorea - Welcome to pictures of lovely South Korea


By this homepage I'd like to introduce Seoul, the fascinating capital city of South Korea. My idea is not to be like a common guide book, no, my aim is to show the characteristics and inside details of this lovely city, that I saw and loved during my stay in June 2010.


Especially the small lovely things of everyday life in Seoul, funny details in the street, on the subway, at the restaurant, the Korean food, the street snacks, or the leisure time of the inhabitants of Seoul made me fascinated. There are so many differences between my hometown Berlin (Germany) and Seoul (South Korea) which are quite impressive...and lovely!  


My hope is that I can give some good impressions of the city and it's life by this homepage and all the pictures and videos. If you gonna travel to Seoul or South Korea as a holiday tourist or business traveler, please make use of this page as a an online tour guide and sightseeing-preparer. 


Bilder und Videos und Fotos aus Seoul und Südkorea - Lovely pictures of Seoul and South Korea - Video and photo from Seoul the great amazing fantastic lovely capital city!
Seoul is the capital city of South Korea - Seoul ist die Hauptstadt von Südkorea
Picture of young Korean woman at a restaurant - Bild einer jungen Koreanerin im Restaurant
Click this photo to see tasty pictures of Korean restaurants in Seoul!

To see photos and a funny video about how to eat at a Korean restaurant in Seoul, just click here. You also get some information about how to order a meal at a Restaurant in Seoul, how to pay the bill, and what's so special about Korean food restaurants in Seoul. If you come to Seoul as a tourist, you should learn this lesson about how to dine in Korea ^_^

Pictures of Koreans sitting in a subway - Bild von Fahrgästen in der U-Bahn
Click this photo to see lovely pictures of the Seoul City Life!

Here you'll find many interesting pictures and a video about the City Life in Seoul. To discover what the people of Seoul do in their leisure time, when they go to the park and have picnic, swim at the outdoor swimmingpool, what they do in the evening, why women wear stylish rain boots in the subway, and what happens at the Gangnam area at night, just click here.

Picture of N Seoul Tower - Bild vom N Seoul Tower
Click this photo to see amazing pictures of Seoul from above!

To discover Seoul from Above just click here and see many tourist attractions of this fascinating city from a high pint of view. Shots were made from a hotel tower and from the N Seoul tower at Namsan. There is a nice short movie to be seen as well.

Picture of German beer - Bild von deutschem Bier
Click this photo to see pictures of funny German stuff in Seoul!

It's amazing how many German stuff, German names and German brands you can find in the streets of Seoul. To discover some of them, just click here, and get an impression by many lovely photos of what Germany in Seoul is about.

Picture of Korean buildings and constructions - Bild von koreanischen Hochhäusern
Click this photo to see fantastic pictures of high buildings in Seoul!

The High Buildings in Seoul, the skyscrapers and the towers look amazingly great! To watch some of them by highly fascinating photos, click here. You'll see the futuristic Samsung headquarters at Gangnam station, the N Seoul tower, the 63-building, the Teheranro-business-street and much more stunning photos about other high buildings!

Photo of a young Korean woman - Foto einer jungen Koreanerin
Click this photo to see nice pictures of street life in Seoul!

What's so special about Streets in Seoul? A lot! To discover the secrets of the Seoul city streets, take a walk around by clicking here and watch many great photos of the Seoul streets. Your journey will lead you to streets without a name, strange plastic coverings, modern art, funny trashcan-nets and much much more...

Photo of red devils soccer fans - Foto von Fans der roten Teufel
Click this photo to see amusing pictures of interesting Seoul!

Seoul is full of Interesting things! As a european or american guy you'll be amazed of what you can see in the big megacity Seoul. The people of Seoul are lovely cute friendly inhabitants. They love their city, yes, they really love Seoul. When you go sightseeing in Seoul as a tourist, you'll know what I mean by this! To discover the interesting stuff of Seoul, just click here and see the movie and the photos!

Photo of Korean asian food, meals and dishes - Foto von koreanischem asiatischen Essen
Click this photo to see delicious pictures of Korean food!

Have you ever eaten really delicious food? Do you know what country is called the "France of Asia"? If you want to get an answer to these questions, you should travel to Seoul and eat the Korean food there everyday. Don't eat ordinary Fast-Food at a common Burger-chain-shop, no, you should eat what the Koreans eat! It's so delicious! Watch the movie of Korean food and see the Korean food photos right here.

Photo of a Korean shoe shop - Foto eines koreanischen Schuhgeschäftes
Click this photo to see informative pictures about shops in Seoul!

If you travel to Korea as a tourist and if you go sightseeing in Seoul, you might go inside some of the Shops there. To have a first impression of the different kinds of shops in Seoul, click here and see some informative photos of shops in this great lovely city!

Picture of a young Korean woman eating donuts - Bild einer jungen Koreanerin beim Donuts essen
Click this photo to see tasty pictures of Korean street food!

Walking around the streets of Seoul makes all tourists hungry. It's easy to buy some street food everywhere at all places. And it's delicious and healthy! Not oily and fatty like a German curry wurst, no, it's absolutely great healthy taste! Try the Seoul Street Food by clicking here and see many delicious looking photos!

Picture of Seoul subway - Bild von der U-Bahn in Südkorea
Click this photo to see astonishing pictures of the Seoul subway system!

If you travel around by the Seoul subway, you might feel like being inside a science fiction movie. It's such a clean and modern subway system! It's totaly safe for tourists and easy to understand. Check the movie and the photos about the Seoul subway system here and get prepared for riding the train in this modern city!

Picture of a Korean food supermarket - Foto aus einem koreanischen Supermarkt
Click this photo to see sweet pictures of a Seoul supermarket!

A visit at a big Korean Food Supermarket is a must for all Seoul tourists! I can really recommend it. It's much more interesting than just doing the usual sightseeing stuff. To get a first impression of how busy and lifely it can be at a Seoul supermarket, just click here and see a great video and many interesting photos of a big Korean food supermarket.

See many pictures of the capital city of South Korea - Bilder aus der Hauptstadt von Südkorea!
Skyline of Seoul - the capital city of South Korea (click to enlarge picture)


Information for German visitors (Informationen für deutsche Besucher):


Diese Homepage ist zum großen Teil zweisprachig gehalten, die Texte sind in Englisch und in Deutsch abgefasst. Wenn Sie als Tourist nach Südkorea bzw. Seoul fliegen möchten, evtl. schon eine Reise geplant oder einen Flug gebucht und ein Hotel reserviert haben, und Informationen über die Stadt suchen, dann finden Sie auf dieser Homepage viele Bilder, Fotos, Videos und Informationen über die Hauptstadt von Südkorea, die Ihnen einen ersten Eindruck von der Koreanischen Lebensweise geben werden.


Der Schwerpunkt liegt nicht auf dem, was der Tourist üblicherweise in einem Reiseführer über Korea lesen kann, sondern vielmehr auf dem, was ansonsten eher verborgen bleibt. Die Seite soll anhand der Bilder und Videos  einen Eindruck vom Alltagsleben der Koreaner geben und dem interessierten Reisenden die interessanten Details der südkoreanischen Hauptstadt aufzeigen. Darüber hinaus beinhaltet die Homepage Informationen über das U-Bahn-System, die koreanischen Restaurants und das koreanische Essen, die für jeden Touristen hilfreich sein können. Sollten Sie Fragen zu einer Reise in die Hauptstadt Südkoreas haben, so schreiben Sie mir einfach eine E-Mail!


Tom Holloway



Picture of Koreans waiting and resting. Bild von Südkoreanern wartend und sich ausruhend.
Koreans resting... (click to enlarge picture)
Pictures of lovely Seoul, the interesting capital city of Korea. Bilder, Fotos und Videos aus der tollen Hauptstadt von Südkorea

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