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Hi Seoul - Soul of Asia - The official webpage of Seoul in english language. Especially tourists or long-term-visitors of Seoul can get a lot of useful information on this page.


Map of Seoul - An official interactive map of Seoul. Works unfortunately only with the Microsoft Internet Explorer!


"The blue house" (Chongwadae) - The blue house in Seoul is the presidents home. You may compare it with the white house in Washington. On this page you'll find most-up-to-date political informations about South Korea in english language. 




More Seoul info

Seoul Wiki Info - This Wikipedia article gives you quite good general informations about Seoul and South Korea.


Seoul Wikitravel Info - The Wikitravel homepage provides a lot of useful informations especially for travelers who will visit Seoul as a tourist.


The Korea Times (english newspaper) - Get the newest political informations about Seoul and South Korea in english language.


The Seoul Times (english newspaper) - Get the newest political informations about Seoul and South Korea in english language.


Seoul Daily (english newspaper) Get the newest political informations about Seoul and South Korea in english language.


The Korea Herald (english newspaper)  - Get the newest political informations about Seoul and South Korea in english language.


KBS - Korean Internet Radio  - Listen to Korean and Seoul news by this internet radio. They provide a continuously radio-stream in different languages like English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic etc. - Gateway to Korea - Gateway to Korea is a great homepage about general information about Seoul and South Korea, especially for tourists and people who are interested in the Korean culture and life.


The official Seoul Facebook page - This is the official facebook page of Seoul. The page provides photos and videos about Seoul and makes it easy to connect with other people who are interested in Seoul.



Watching Korean TV all over the world!

Watch Korean TV everywhere worldwide? How is this possible?


Actually it's quite easy! Just install the new Google internet-browser "Chrome" on your PC and add the extension "Chrome TV".


To add an extension you just have to click the screwdriver in the top right corner of Chrome. There you'll find a list of useful extensions for the browser. Install "Chrome TV". It'll be automatically installed.


Now you have a small icon on the top right corner of your Chrome browser which says "Chrome TV". Open it and choose "TV by country F to N". Here you'll find the South Korean flag. Click it, and you'll see a choice of different Korean TV channels.


Now you can watch them by life-stream. It's easy and well working ^_^



Blogs about Seoul in english language

"" - A blog about introducing everyday Korean stuff... Very interesting, many photos and videos about Seoul! Made by the Korean Language-teacher Hyunwoo Sun. 



Seoul subway and public transport

Seoul subway info - This is the official page of the Seoul subway system. You can find any information about the Seoul subway there!



More Seoul photos and videos

"SeoulDreamSeries" - The official YouTube channel of Seoul


"Ever4one" - The YouTube-page of Hyunwoo Sun, a Korean language teacher, with many interesting videos and video-blogs. If you need some information about everyday life in Seoul, just watch his movies


Flickr - Photos about Seoul from Hyunwoo Sun! He shows a good collection of informative, interesting and funny pictures of Seoul!


9 interesting photos of electronical "wired" Seoul - Here you can see 9 photos from the TIME magazine about the influence of electronic stuff on the everyday life of people in Seoul. - See a wide variety of high quality pictures of Seoul! The photos are really good! Each photographer makes an annotation to his photo so that you'll get good information about Seoul as well. - A collection of Seoul photos. Each photo is small and the page is fast, so you may go through the pictures quite fast and get a good overview of what's important in Seoul and where you should go as a tourist.  - A huge collection of Seoul photos. Each picture got annotations from other users of the page, so you'll get some interesting information about each photo.



Restaurants and Food information - Restaurant guide - This guide tells you a lot about going out and shopping in Seoul. You'll find information about restaurants, clubs, bars, entertainment, shopping, fashion, culture events and health things there. It's like a magazine, because you can read many interesting articles about every topic. Very good!


Seoul Eats - A funny and interesting blog about eating in Seoul. The restaurants reviews are useful to get some information where to dine in Seoul.



Germans and Koreans

German Club Seoul (Deutscher Club Seoul) - This is the homepage of the German club in Seoul. People from Germany who live in Seoul can find activity information here and meet other people from Germany.


German-Korean Bulletin board ( - is one of the biggest German-Korean meeting and information pages. If you want to come into contact from one of the both sides, just see this homepage.


Korea in Berlin (Hangaram e.V.) - If you are a Korean person who lives in Berlin now, please see this page to meet other people from Korea.


Korean art in Berlin - This is the officcial page of the Korean embassy in Berlin. The homepage gives information about Korean cultural events in Berlin.


Seoul art in Berlin - This Berlin art gallery shows the work of Korean artists.



German Homepages about Seoul/Korea

Seoul-Info - A German homepage with information about Seoul. The page is made by a German guide book company, which publishes a Seoul guide book as a paperback.


Pride of Korea - A nice private German homepage about Korea, made by Rami Al-Lahham, a young man living in Munich.


Living in Korea - A German homepage with detailed and extensive information about Korea.


Blog von Felix in Korea - A German blog about living in Korea. Felix is a young art director who lives in Seoul and writes about his adventures in this lovely city.


Korea Info - A German homepage with lots of information about Korea, made by the German man Thomas Schneider, living in the south-German city Freiburg.



Other interesting stuff about Seoul/Korea

Talk to me in Korean - Learn how to speak Korean with Hyunwoo Sun


Life in Korea - Questions and answers about living in Korea - and many useful informations.



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P i c t u r e s   o f   S e o u l

Photos and videos about the capital city of South Korea.

Sightseeing tips and inside information for holiday tourists and travelers.

Online tour guide for the everyday life in Korea.


B i l d e r   a u s   S e o u l

Fotos und Videos aus der Hauptstadt von Südkorea.

Besichtigungs-Tipps und Insider-Informationen für Touristen und Reisende.

Online-Reiseführer durch das Leben in Südkorea.